What Hypnotherapy can help with.

Using hypnotherapy can help children and adults to alleviate a wide range of unwanted habits and feelings. It can also be used to help you focus on fulfilling your potential in many areas of life.

Some common issues that hypnotherapy can help with are:

Anxiety & stress


Psychosomatic pain

Lack of self confidence

Depressive moods

Addictions and dependencies

Grief & bereavement

Behavioural issues in children

Exam nerves

Ticks and habits

Fears and phobias

Post traumatic stress

What is Hypnotherapy?

                          Hypnotherapy is the use of a naturally occurring state of deep relaxation and visualisation techniques. 

                                           It is a gentle and relaxing state that everybody can and does experience on a daily basis. It is very much like daydreaming.

                                                     In hypnosis, you will always be aware of what is going on around you and able to control everything you do and say. 

                  You will just be in a very relaxed state which allows you to access thoughts and memories without distraction. 

Each person has the ability to come out of the relaxed state whenever they wish to do so.

Hypnotherapy is used successfully with adults and children to alleviate a wide range of issues as well as helping you to focus on achieving your goals.

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